Price is 395.00, with a deposit of 95.00
Prerequisite: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA2 course

The Advanced Course can be taken as soon after the Basic Course as you like. It is highly recommended to complete the Advanced Course if you are intending to use Theta healing with your clients. The Advanced Course includes more advanced Theta healing techniques; and there is a strong focus on your own personal healing journey, clearing a multitude of your own negative and unwanted beliefs. This course includes:
  • Advanced techniques for changing beliefs
  • Connecting to the higher self
  • Bending time
  • A deeper knowledge of the 7 Planes of existence
  • Over 1,000 new belief and feeling downloads
  • Releasing and resolving the three Rs - Resentment, Regrets, Rejections
  • Clearing old vows, oaths and commitments
  • Connecting to and communicating with ancestors
  • Connecting to and communicating with plants and crystals
  • Healing the Broken Heart
  • Healing the Baby in the Womb
  • Remembering your future
  • Learning the Heart Song
  • Digging Practice
  • ...and there's more!

Course includes: Vianna's Advanced ThetaHealing® book and course manual.

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leaves us with love in their hearts.