Prerequisite: ThetaHealing® Basic and Advanced courses

Find core issues and bottom beliefs with ease! This weekend will strengthen your confidence with digging; giving you solid grounding, tips and techniques so that you are confident at finding your clients' key core beliefs. Be successful in identifying the true origin of the problem making it easy to uncover which beliefs to change. You will:
  • observe digging demonstrations
  • learn new and different ways to ask questions to easily dig down, and up!
  • learn what to do when you get stuck or stopped
  • practice scanning the body
  • receive many new beliefs to support your healing sessions with your clients and yourself
  • practice, practice and more practice!
And, of course you will meet new practitioners to make friends and practice with following the weekend.

Each day we will begin at 10.00am and end by 5.30pm.
Your investment is 295.00


Testimonials from the Digging Workshops:

".... I feel like todays digging course has cleared major major stuff for me and I have also learnt so much from Mayella. It couldnt have been a better learning day in digging than it has been. Thank you so much." Sofia D.

"My experience with you has had some repercussions, my beliefs and energy have definitely shifted. I can only tell you that in the last 2 days I have been challenged by the only authority could put a stop to me and my work and I not only managed to get tenure but I have also been very bold and asked for something I believed I would never get. I actually believe that I will get it. I believe that the Universe brought us all together for us to heal in just the right way with the right amount of emotions. Facing our triggers helps us grow, I know you know that but maybe I just realised it for myself. I am going to keep being brave and ask for things and see what happens. I am going to do this the best I can. Thank you xxx " Lynette Blackwell

"I thought you might like to know what other twists and turns have come into my life. Since your digging day I have been offered an amazing opportunity to help people and build a residual income. I'm starting a new life thanks to your expert teaching and direction." Lynette Blackwell

"The day was moving but overall very good and handled with skill. I did leave with everything I had wanted to achieve from the day and that I had hoped for. I would love to do another one like it. Theta Healing is an answer to my prayers and I have greatly enjoyed the basic and the advanced courses. Being able to practice the digging with your guidance is a very important part of building the confidence and the skill to move forward." Ethel D.

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